Ankit Foundation Corp

Advocating for New approaches to increase awareness and resources for mental health, understanding of the emotional and mental health struggles of children, teenagers and young adults in 

memory of Ankit Alvin Toppo

Ankit was a son, brother, student, and friend in the Lafayette and West Lafayette community of Indiana. He left the people he let into his life with a greater meaning of compassion, care and purpose.

Preparing, Saving and Empowering Future Generations

What would your donation contribute to?

The Ankit Foundation was created by Pushpa and Rachel Toppo, mother and sister to Ankit Toppo. With the loss of our loved one in the battle against depression and mental health, we decided we wanted to make a difference and help others just like Ankit. The Ankit Foundation closely takes into consideration of Ankit's struggles and gives back to support what supported him through out his life. 


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