About Ankit

Ankit, born on February 18, 2002, was a 20 year old college student in the town of Lafayette, Indiana. He went to West Lafayette Jr./Sr. High previously, as well as Harrison High School for his freshman year. He started classes at Ivy Tech in Fall of 2021.

Ankit loved making music, he always had a pair of headphones in or a speaker turned on at any given chance, and dreamed of making music for a living. He was naturally easy-going, trying out different activities such as wrestling, skateboarding, debate, and fashion. He was an amazing friend as well, making time for those he cared about even at the brink of dawn.

                                             Ankit's mental health spiraled and couldn't be saved.

                                        Ankit passed away Friday, July 29th 2022. We will miss him dearly.